Under the direction of Sitar Maestro Indrajit Banerjee, Antara School of Indian Music (Austin, Texas) offers individual sitar lessons or Raga lessons on any instrument, including vocal, in person and online (Skype/Facetime). 

Indian Raga music in it’s classical form involves improvisation and self expression through a free art form. It is unique and beautiful in it’s simplest form.

Our curriculum involves learning improvisation, which involves moving within the structure of a raga, sitar technique, creating music, the rhythmic component, and coining os specific passages from great master musicians. 

Spring Semester – (January-June)-12 biweekly lessons (regular) or 24 weekly lessons (accelerated). 

Fall Semester – (July -December)12 biweekly lessons (regular) or 24 weekly lessons (accelerated).

Student recitals and special workshops will be held twice a year to showcase the progress of the students.

 $600 per regular semester enrollment or $1200 per accelerated ($300 due in January and $300 due in April for Regular Semester enrollment).

A la carte lessons offered at $75 per class.

Payment by check, credit card, or paypal accepted.

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