Concert Schedule & Booking

For concert booking, email or call 512 696 3309. 


1/6/18 Silpi Samsad Concert Ramgopal Manch ( Howrah)

1/8/18 All India Radio Kolkata Recording

1/12/18 DVD recording for Rain City Music ( Bandel)
1/13/18 DVD recording for Rain City Music ( Bandel)

1/21/18 Antara Concert Panihati

1/23/18 Subhe Banaras Assi Ghat / Hindu International School performance.

1/29/18 Barakpore Sangeet Sanmelan

2/2/18 DD Bangla Live telecast ‘Sakal sakal’

2/4/18 Dhaniakhali Sa Ma Dha Jalsa.

2/23/18 Atash Sahara Lounge.

3/1/2018 Ashian American Rescourse Centre ( Mohammad Firozzi)

3/7/18 Demonstration of Sitar ,Grapevine High School 3223 Mustang Dr Grapevine, TX 76051.

3/8/18 to 3/11/18 Justin McCoy ( H.B.O.) event 4pm to 6 pm every day .

3/10/18 Hilton Hotel Sitar Ji 8 pm. SXSW.

3/10/ 2018 One -2 -One Atash.

3/13/18 Russian House Sitar and Tabla SXSW.

3/15/18 Atash Russian House SXSW.

3/24/18 Orlando Private event.

3/30/2018 Sahara Lounge Atash

3/31/2018 Yoga Centre Austin venue (?)

4/6/ 2018 Carver Museum Atash

4/7/2018 Amala Foundation (Atash) 5 pm / 10 pm One-2-One Atash.

4/13/2018 Hockaday Festival.Dallas Atash

4/13/2018 PRIVATE EVENT Austin .

4/21/18 Atash Rockwood Music Hall

4/23/18 Atash Carnegie Hall

4/29/18 White Horse Black Mountain7.30 pm (Asheville N.C.)

4/28/18 Chamber concert (Charlotte N.C.)

5/12/2017 Green Pastures Atash Wedding .

5/18/2018 Musical Bridges Mini Concert Series with Jason Macienze (Divya)

5/25/18 Musical Bridges with Sankachur Lahiri

5/27/2018 Private Event Austin (Rahul Wedding )

5/29/2018 Musical Bridges School Concert Series with Gouri Sankar .

5/30/2018 Musical Bridges School Concert Serie with Gouri Sankar .

6/2/2018 Atash at Maccican American Cultural Centre 8 pm.

6/3/2018 Antara Music School Concert 100 Strings with Pdt. Tarun Bhattacharjee
Santoor with Gouri Sankar.

6/14/2018 7:30pm Mohammad Firoozi 8801 Research Bvld.

6/15/2018 Atash one-2-0ne Bar 10 pm

7/14/2018 Great American Chamber

7/6/2018 Vino Mio Social Club Corpus Christi

7/7/2018 Private Event Corpus Christi

7/20/2018 Atash One-2-One 10 PM

7/28/2018 Sitar Concert Oklahoma City Hindu Temple

8/18/2018 India Fest Milwaukee

9/10/2018 International Music Festival at the Texas Museum

9/28/2018 Atash at the Sahara Lounge

9/29/2018 Sitarji at the International Multicultural Festival (Austin)

10/26/2018 Art Outside 6pm (ATASH)

10/27/2018 Lufkin, Texas Private Event

11/3/2018 Sitar Concert at Kansas State University (Manhattan, Kansas)

11/6/2018 Diwali Celebration at Trinity Episcopal School

11/16 Sitar Concert for Saturnalia Festival

12/1/2018 Sitar performance at Renaissance Hotel Austin


1/9/2017 St. Stephens Episcopal School Performance with Atash

1/21/2017 Concert at Santa Fe Community Yoga, Santa Fe, NM

1/22/2017 Concert at University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

1/28/2017 Concert at Ananda Meditation Center Dallas

1/29/2017 Concert in Odessa,Texas

2/4/2017 Concert with Atash at One to One Bar

2/16/2017 Sitarji at Cactus Cafe

2/14/2017 Sounds Of India at the Whip In

2/25/2017 World Music Unleashed

2/26/2017 Performance at Unitarian Church Link

3/2/2017  Europe Tour with Atash and St. Stephen Orchestra Link

3/25/2017 World Music Unleashed at Plymouth Church (Milwaukee) Link

3/26/2017 Sitar and Tabla Concert at the Pink House (Milwaukee) Link

4/8/2017 Atash at One to One Bar (Austin) Tickets

4/9/2017 Atash at Euphoria Festival Tickets

4/29/2017 Atash at the St. Stephens Helm Center Link

4/30/2017 Indian Classical Concert of Antara School at Esquina Tango Link

5/4/2017 Sitarji at Levitation Festival Tickets

5/12/2017 Gusto Studios Atash Trio Link

5/15/2017 – 5/18/2017 Musical Bridges around the World Link

5/20/ 2017 Atash at One -to One Bar

6/8/2017 – Martyrs in Chicago with Fareed Haque and the Flat Earth Ensemble Link

6/9/2017 – Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis with Fareed Haque and the Flat Earth Ensemble Link

6/10/2017 – Marquette Waterfront Festival in Madison, WI with Fareed Haque and the Flat Earth Ensemble

7/7/17 –  Sitar Recital at the Blanton Museum of Art, Austin

7/8/17 –  Sitar Concert, Oklahoma City, OK

7/21/17 – Sitar Concert for Greg Davis (Cloth, Paper, Dreams) at the Dougherty Arts Center Link

8/6/17 –  Sitar Performance at Saint Gabriel Unitarian Church, Georgetown, Texas

8/25/17 – Atash at the Sahara Lounge

8/25-8/26 Solo Sitar Concerts in Tampa, Florida and Orlando, Florida

9/2/17 – Atash at One to One Bar

9/3/17 – Sitar Concert in Nashville, Tenessee

9/14/17 – Atash at One to One Bar for Leticia Rodriguez CD Release Party

9/ 24/17- Monster Indiana Lincorn Centre .

9/29/17 – Atash at the Sahara Lounge

9/31/17 -Basant Bahar San Jose

10/1/17 -Hindu Temple Seattle

10/8/17 -Kalakendra Portland

10/9/17- Mithas Boston

10/12/17 Dewali Celebration Trinity Episcopal School(Austin)

12/3/17- Receiving Award of Excellence in Music Rino (Navada)

12/23/17- Atash Vino Mio in Corpus Christi.



1/7/16 San Antonio Museum Of Arts

1/15/16  Atash Berkeley Ashkenaz Link

1/16/16  Atash Sweetwater Music Hall Mill Valley C.A. Link

1/17/16 Atash Silverlake Lounge link

1/21/16  Flamingo Cantina  Sitar Ji link

1/23/16 Atash Central Market North Lamar

2/12/16  Madison Theatre Albany link

2/20/16 Esquina Tango Austin, Sounds Of India

3/5/16 Girls Scout (Bee caves)

3/20/16  Atash Central Market ( north )

4/16/16  Atash Reggae Fest link 

3/4/16 Atash Sahara Lounge

4/29/16  Levitation Festival link 

5/1/16  Sitar Concert, Bob Bullock Museum, Free Concert Series (4-4:45PM).

5/28/16 Strange Brew with Atash 9PM

6/4/16 Sahara Lounge (private gig with Atash)

6/11/16 Carver Museum (w/ Atash)

6/20/16 Classical Concert and Workshop (Monster, Indiana)

6/22/16 to 6/26/16  San Diego, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Tour with Atash

7/9/16 Pure Sound Recital at Gusto Studios

7/28/16 Classical concert at Waco Cultural Center with Greg Davis (photography)

7/30 Ragam Quechua with Naga Valli (Strange Brew)

8/4 Solo Sitar Concert at the Old Church with Ravi Albright (Portland) Link

8/5 Concert with Atash at The Emerald of Siam (Richland, WA) Link

8/6 Concert with Atash at MetalWolf Festival (Richland, WA) Link

8/7 Workshop in Seattle (Dhrupad Society of North America)

8/7 Solo Sitar Concert at Yoga West with Doug Scheuerell (Eugene) Link

8/20 Concert in Chicago, Illinois

9/7 With Atash at Strange Brew (Austin)

9/10/16 Concert in Monster, Indiana with Hindole Majumdar

10/23/16 With Atash at Zilker Theater

10/29/16 With Atash and Fareed Haque at Alhambra (Chicago)

12/3 with Atash at one to one bar

12/31 ANY Austin New Year Festival at Auditorium Shores

12/31 Sitarji at Sahara Lounge


1/15/2015- 1/30/2015 – New York Tour (w/ Atash)

1/24/2015- Private Recital (Bee Caves, Texas)

1/31/2015- Georgetown Art Centre Link

2/7/2014 Yoga Yoga 360 (Austin) Link

2/9/2015  & 2/10/2015  Music Class Visit at Texas State University (San Marcos)

2/11/2015 to 2/14/2015 University of Michigan (Detroit) East Meets East Link

2/21/2015 with Atash at Esquina Tango

2/28/2015 4.30 PM Sri Ashta Lakshmi Temple (Houston)

3/18/2015 French Legation Museum (Austin) 3:30 pm

3/19/2015 Hotel Vegas (Austin) Patio No. 1 6:30 pm

3/21/2015 Atash (Central Market North) 6.30 pm Link

4/7/2015 Atash Kessler Theatre (Dallas) Link

4/4/2015 Mexican American Center ( ATASH)

4/9/2015 Private Concert with Mohammad Firoozi

4/25/2015 A Fusion of the World (One to One Bar) Link

5/9/2015 and 5/10/2015 Austin Psych Fest (Austin) Link

5/15/2015 Ebanos Crossing (Los Angeles) with Atash Link

5/16/2015 Joshua Tree Festival (Joshua Tree National Park) with Atash Link

5/23/2015 The Malhar Group Tenth Annual SpringFest, The Molson Canadian Studio at

Hamilton Place, Link

5/25/2015 Concert  Quebec City  (Canada)

5/31/2015 Montreal (Canada)

6/5/2015 Carver Museum  ATASH (Mohammad Firoozi)

6/5/2015  SunRay project CD Release -North Door Austin.

6/6/2015 Antara Music School recital (venue to be decided)

6/20 /2015 Duet with Pdt. Ganesh Rajagopalan, Pdt. Hindole Majumdar,  Vidwan Trichi Sankaran (Gloria Delgado Theater, St Michaels Academy, 3000 Barton Creek Blvd, Austin, TX 78735) Link

6/21/2015 Eye on India Chicago Daley Plaza  12.00pm Link Link

6/27/2015  Dallas (Details TBA)

6/30/2015 Carousel Lounge

7/11/2016 Sahara Lounge (Austin)

8/14/2015 CD recording – Chicago

8/15/2015 IndiaFest (Milwaukee) Link

9/4/2015  Concert Seattle

9/11/2015  Basilica Sound Scape , NY  Link

9/12/2015  New Jersey

9/13/2015  Carver Museum Austin

9/15/2015 Flamingo Cantina link

9/29/2015 Flamingo Cantina link

10/6/2015 Flamingo Cantina Atash

10/13/2015 Flamingo Cantina Atash

10/20/2015 Flamingo Cantina Atash

10/22/2015 Art Outside Festival ( Atash).

10/27/2015 Performing Art Centre Texas State University ( San Marcos).

11/7/2015 World Music Unleashed

11/13/ 2015 Esquina Tango (Atash) link



1/11/2014 – Atash at the Jalopy Theatre and School of Music, Brooklyn, New York Link

1/18/2014 – Bharat Sevashram Sangha of North America New Jersey Link

1/19/2014 – KTRU presents Ritu Rang, The Joys of Winter Ragas, Rice University Link

1/25/2014 – Sounds of India – An Evening of Traditional Indian Music at Yoga Yoga Westlake Link

3/12/2014 – South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival Link

3/21/2014- Fox News Austin (my FOX Austin, KTBC Fox 7) Link

3/21/2014 Atash – Everything is Music Paramount Theater Stateside Link Link

4/5/2014 Swar Aur Saaz, St. Edwards University Austin ICMCA Link

4/6/2014 Swar Aur Saaz, Texas A&M University, Spicmacay Link

5/10/2014 & 5/11/2014 Ekaaham 24 Hour North American Veena Festival HTGC Lemont Temple Chicago Link

5/30/2014 – Cloth Paper Dreams (Blanton Museum of Art) Link

6/14/2014 – Sounds of India Yoga Yoga Westgate Link Link

6/20/2014 – Chinmaya Sundara Temple Inaugaration Concert

7/2/2014 – A Unique Jugalbandhi Concert, Swarsudha at Chinmaya Vrindavan Link

7/26/2014 – Austin Chamber Music presents Atash performing “The Unknown” at the North Door Link Link

8/9/2014 – MOODMedia Radio Interview Link Link

8/24/2014 – w/ Fared Shafinury at the Grand Plaza, California Link

8/30/2014 – An Exceptional Evening of Indian Classical Music by BAGC at Banga Bhavan, Chicago Link

9/6/2014 – The Fourth Annual International Music Festival at George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center, by Texas Music Museum Link

9/19/2014 Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, The Business of Music Curation, Link Link

9/20/2014 Wobeon Fest – Ironwood Hall, Austin, Texas (with Atash and Anthropos Arts) Link

9/26/2014 Ashkenaz, Berkeley, California (with Atash) Link

9/28/2014 The Mint, Los Angeles (with Atash) Link

9/29/2014 UCSB Multicultural Center, Santa Barbara, California (with Atash) Link

10/16/2014 Cloth Paper Dreams Concert Link

10/27/2014 Art Outside (with Atash) Link

11/1/2014 KOOP Radio Interview (91.7) Austin, Texas

11/1/2014 Wobeon Presents Karsh Kale with Atash at Austin Hindu Temple Link

11/8/2014 World Music Unleashed, presented by SIPM Austin Link

11/22/2014 Atash at Central Market


1/12/2013 – Ancient Music From India, Casa de Luz Auditorium

2/18/2013 – 2/22/2013 – Jungle Book Workshop with Sherman Brothers at Goodman Theatre, Chicago

4/11/2013 – Texas A&M Corpus Christi Link

4/13/2013 – Concert for SIPM, San Antonio Texas

4/13/2013 – Setar Sitar Project at Strange Brew, Austin Link

6/2/2013 – Bharatiya Kala Kendra of New Jersey Presents Indrajit Banerjee on Sitar, Gourisankar on Tabla Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay on Vocal Link

8/10/2013 – Atash at Maui Yoga Shala, Maui, Hawaii Link

8/17/2013 – Gypsy World Musicians, Maui, Hawaii Link

8/25/2013 – An Enchanting Evening of Jugalbandi presented by Sri Ganesha Temple of Hindu Cultural Center of Tennessee Link

8/26/2013 – Music Festival of India – Swarsudha – A Hindustani and Carnatic Music Jugalbandi by ICMC Dallas Fort Worth Link

9/16/2013 India Night, Cameron University, Oklahoma Link

9/21/2013 – Sitar – Concert for Kalakendra Performing Arts, Portland Oregon Link

9/22/2013 Yogi’s House Concerts and Tor Dietrichson Present: Indrajit Banerjee Link

9/27/2013 – Concert at Hindole Majumdar School of Music Milwaukee, Wisconsin

10/4/2013 – Duke – UNC Sangeet presents Pandit Ravishankar Memorial Jugalbandhi Concert Link

10/5/2913 – Sri Ganesha Temple An Enchanting Evening of Jugalbandhi Nashville, Tenessee Link

11/2/2013 Deepavali Celebrations, Sri Venkateswara Temple, Pittsburgh, PA Link Link


3/24/2012 – Magic of Strings Sitar and Sarod Recital by ICMC Dallas Fort Worth Link

3/27/2012 – Sarod – Sitar Jugalbandi by TAMU Spicmacay Link

4/22/2012 Learn Quest Music Conference Link

5/12/2012 Swarsudha A Jugalbandi Concert, New Jersey Nadam

5/20/2012 – Mithas Spring Series (MIT) with Neyveli Radhakrishna Link Link

5/26/2012 – Indrajit Banerjee and Neyveli Radhakrishna Jain Temple, Milpitas Link Link

6/17/2012 Concert – Paris 5eme, Paris, France Link

8/11/2012 Houston IFest Link

11/17/2012 World Music Unleashed, Northwest Hills Church, Austin, Texas


1/2/2011 Surchandam

1/9/2011 Panihati Book Fair (India Kolkata)

1/20/2011 Waltz duet with Rupak Kulkarni

1/24-2011 – 1/29/2011 South India ( tour)

2/26/2011 Holi Festival Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Link

3/4/2011 Atash at Antone’s Link

3/8/2011 University of Chicago

3/18/2011 Strasbourg Palace the Royal (Crédit Lyonnais)

3/19/2011 Strasbourg (India Night)

3/20/2011 Le Cabartbey fete ses 3 ans et le Printemps Link

4/2/2011 Learn Quest Boston at Harvard University Link Link

4/10/2011 Violin – Sitar Jugalbandhi Concert TAMU Spicmacay Link

4/21/2011 Atash Red Fez

4/28/2011 Atash Red Fez

4/31/2011 – 5/1/2011 Houston Ifest Link

5/7/2011 Raaga, A Fundraising Concert for Asha St. Edward University, Austin, Texas Link

5/22/2011 Grackle Fest (Sunray project) Austin

10/2/2011 – Songs of India Musical Bridges Around the World McAllister Auditorium in San Antonio, Texas Link

11/19/2011 SASU San Antonio at Mahalakshmi Hall. Hindu Temple of San Antonio


1/14/2010 – 1/15/2010 Green Mill – Flat Earth Ensemble Link

1/30/2010 End Of An Ear

1/30/2010 Flamingo Cantina Atash

2/11/2010 – 2/14/2010 Classes in Rhythm and Raag Illinois

2/24/2010 – 2/26/2010 Recording project with Atash

2/28/2010 – 2/30/2010 Classes in Rhythm and Raag Illinois

3/6/2010 – 3/10/2010 Concert and work shop in Charlotte, Raleigh and Durham NC

3/10/2010 – 3/12/2010 Classes in Rhythm and Raag

3/13/2010 Concert in Hindu temple of Chicago (Lamont)

3/20/2010 South By Southwest Austin

3/21/2010 – 3/29/2010 Flat Earth Ensemble Tour

4/4/2010 – Rhythm and Raag Workshop at Channing Murray Foundation Urbana, Illinois Link

4/9/2010 Mcallen TX

4/14/2010 – 4/16/2010 Classes in Rhythm and Raag Illinois

4/28/2010 – 4/30/2010 Classes in Rhythm and Raag Illinois

5/1/2010 – 5/15/2010 India Tour

5/20/2010 Europe Tour and Recording Project (Gallimard)

6/2010 France Workshop and concerts

6/21/2010 Fete De la Music (Paris)

9/2010 Workshop and Concert (Radiance Community, (Texas)

12/6/2010 Radio Recording ( India)

12/18/2010 Antara concert ( India)

12/26/2010 Bicentennial year celebration of Sib Chandra Deb,Konnagar (India)

12/27/2010 Glass Temple, Baranagar( India)


3/11/2009 Atash at the Red Fez

3/12/2009 Raga & Tala workshop Anthropos Arts (Austin)

3/14/2009 Copa Austin Electronica and Atash

3/16/2009 with Hipnautica (Palmer Plutopia 2009 Austin SXSW)

3/20/2009 Central Market Austin

3/21/2009 Phoenix AZ Classical Spicmacay Link

4/4/2009 with Atash Dell Jewish Convention Centre (Austin)

4/7/2009 with Atash UT Austin

4/8/2009 with Atash Red Fez ( Austin)

4/11/2009 Gandharva Sitar concert, Radiance, Texas Link

4/11/2009 Electronica ‘ SunRay Project'( Copa Austin)

4/23/2009 Champaign ( IL) ( lessons)

4/24/2009 Champaign ( IL) (Southside Elementary School: Lecture-Demonstration)

4/25/2009 Champaign (IL) Sitar Concert ( Rhythm &Raga Instiute of Indian performing arts)

4/29/2009 with Atash Red Fez (Austin)

4/30/2009 with Atash (Monarch Event Centre “On Your Feet! International Music & Dance Extravaganza’)

5/6/2009 Chicago TV (‘ with Flat Earth Ensemble’- Fareed Haque))

5/8/2009 Chicago’ with Flat Earth Ensemble’ ( Greenmill Jazz ClubChicago, I4802 N Broadway,llinois)

5/9/2009 Chicago with Flat Earth ensemble”( Greenmill Jazz Club)

5/10/2009 with Hipnautica ( Austin)

5/13/2009 with Atash Red Fez Austin

5/15/2009 Anthropos Concert Stubbs Ampitheater, Austin

5/30/2009 Sitar concert ( Free Range studios, Houston)

5/31/2009 Sitar Workshop ( Free Range Studios Houston)

5/27/2009 Atash Red Fez Austin

6/3/2009 Central Market, Austin Texas with Darin Layne.

6/6/2009 Concert in Houston, TX. @ Free Range Studios

6/7/2009 Sitar workshop/lessons in Houston, TX. @ Free Range Studios

6/11/2009 – 6/21/2009 Seattle, WA @ Rain City Music

6/24/2009 – 7/10/2009 Flat Planet Cd Tour with Flat Earth ensemble Link

6/11/2008 Music Under The Stars with Atash Bob Bullock Museum( )

10/23/2009 Spicmacay and Chitra Present A Sitar Recital – University of Florida Spicmacay – Gainesville, Florida Link Link

11/10/2009 Performance at St. Stephen’s University (Chapel)

11/13/2009 Global Harmony with Atash, Helm Fine Arts Center Link

11/14/2009 Global Harmony with Atash, Helm Fine Arts Center

12/13/2009 Workshop at KIPP College Prep for Antbropos Arts


11/1/2008 Concert (Westchester NY)

11/4/2008 -11/5/2008 Texas A&M Presentation at MSC 201

11/7/2008 Concert (Topeka, Kansas).

10/7/2008 – 10/8/2008 Recording ( Chicago ,Delmark Studios)

10/17/2008 Dallas Museum (Atash)

9/5/2008 Twin Creeks Country Club,

9/6/2008 Stubb’s.

9/10/2008 Red Fez with Atash Austin, TX

9/12/2008 Café Mundi. 10th anniversary celebration.

9/17/2008 Red Fez with Atash Austin, TX

9/20/2008 Waco Cultural Arts Fest

9/24/2008 Red Fez with Atash Austin, TX

9/21/2008 Autumn Equinox concert at Club de Ville

9/27/2008 Raga Workshop Casa de Luz Auditorium

8/13/2008 Red Fez

8/20/2008 Red Fez

8/22/2008 Concert in Golden Dome Link

8/27/2008 Travelers ( Seattle)

8/28/2008 Travelers (Seattle)

6/1/2008 Sitar and Vocal Concert at Bryan Center, Duke University Link

6/17/2008 Paris ,

5/14/2008 Red Fez, Austin, TX with Atash and Electronica

5/22/2008 Gateway Church Band JJ. (Austin, TX)

5/29/2008 Performance with Atash

5/30/2008 Sitar solo and Atash Ruta Maya (Austin)

4/2/2008 Red Fez with Atash ( austin)

4/5/2008 Club the Mix with Atash ( austin)

4/9/2008 Red Fez with Atash (Austin)

4/10/2008 Demonstration Of Indian classical Music, Austin, TX. (for Anthropos Arts)

4/12/2008 sitar workshop @ Free range Studios (Houston, TX)

4/11/2008 Promotion concert for latest CD release at End of an Ear (Austin, TX) Link

4/14/2008 KVRX Radio 91.7 “Nostalgic with Sadiq”

4/14/2008 Central Market, Austin, TX. with Atash

4/17/2008 Monarch Event Centre (Austin, TX)

4/18/2008 Sitar concert Knoxville, TN.

4/19/2008 Sitar concert in Nashville, TN.

4/21/2008 Red Fez with 6 degrees in Austin, TX.

4/23/2008 Red Scout Inn with Atash, Austin, TX.

3/14/2008 with Atash at the Enchanted Forest. (Austin,TX)

3/15/2008 SXSW Showcase (Austin,TX)

3/15/2008 Sitar concert St Louis, MO. @ Sangeeta

3/26/2008 Red Fez with Atash


6/8/2007 – 6/15/2007 Europe

6/28/2007 – 6/30/2007 Sitar Master Class in Sens

7/1/2007 – Concert in France

7/2/2007 – Concert in France

7/9/2007 – Concert in France

5/19/2007 to 6/04/2007 – Brazil tour

5/11/2007 – Bharatam, Jugalbhandi concert at ICC, Rochester, New York Link

3/24/2007 Johnson City, Tennessee (with Carnatica brothers)

3/30/2007 Global Harmony with Atash in Austin Texas

4/4/2007 Boston, MA Lowell University (Durgin Hall)

4/5/2007 Lecture Demonstration at Durgin Concert Hall, Lowell University, MA

4/27/2007 Houston, Texas with Dr. Shankar Bhattacharyya (Free Range Studios)

4/28/2007 Houston International Festival with Atash

4/29/2007 Hindustani Sitar Concert TAMU Spicmacay Link

5/4/2007 Manchester, NH (Cook Auditorium, Dartmouth University)

5/5/2007 St. Louis, MO (Trinity Lutheran Church) Link

5/11/2007 Rochester NY (with Carnatica Brothers)

7/28/2007 Concert at Blair school of music (Nashville TN)

Selected Concerts Before 2007 (for a complete list, visit this link )

5/21/2006 Anthropos Arts

10/7/2006 Sitar et Tabla Auditorium du Musee Guimet Paris Link

7/2/2004 – 7/4/2004 35th OSA Convention, Dallas, Texas Link

8/12/2004 – Alkaatan, Salt Lake, Calcutta Link


3/18/1997 – Srijony Welfare Society – Sitar Recital

1994 Beirut Lebanon Al Bustan Festival

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