SRISHTI Sitars great for it’s quality and Price., once again endorsed from Antara School Of Music.

6 models to chose from.


A Standerd

A  Travel Sitar / Studio / ZITAR (  Cabin carry size)

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  1. I Bought a Srishti travel/electric sitar earlier this year. Incredible full size sitar sound. Both quality and sound is unmatched!


    • ‘You have to love your instrument and get the best out of it ‘ ,my1 st Guruji Pdt. Manila Nag said one day in class and it was amazing to see the way he handled any kind of sitar as if it was his. But, in this case the sitar has a good sweet tone on frets and mend and also nice sustain.


  2. WOW! This is such a consistent brand of sitars and I´m always amazed how they offer so many types of designs, each with a specific sound! I have the privilege of having a Srishti Gandhar Pancham (meend singing machine) and let me say, it has the most amazing sustain and taraf response. I have a studio travel sitar by them which I´ve put in many overhead compartments in planes. Again, great sustain and taraf response. These are truly great sitars made with nothing but skill and care.


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